Biennial Conference 2022: Vancouver

October 2022
Thank you for joining us at our 2022 Biennial Conference. After a four year break it was fantastic to see so many members gather in the beautiful city of Vancouver.
The speaker presentations and recordings are now available below. Please feel free to share any relevant content with your teams.

See the presentations below
Opening Address

Bernard Lord

Towards health system sustainability

Des Gorman

Escaping the healthcare matrix

Tom Latkovic

Lessons From a Pandemic – How COVID-19 Will Shape Healthcare for a Decade

André Picard

An Interview with Chris Watney CEO, iFHP

Greg Adams

BC First Nations Health Authority The Journey

Richard Jock

Our journey to provide culturally safe service

Leza Muir

Organizing Remote Healthcare and Tailored Homes for an Exploding Population of Seniors

Jeroen Kemperman

What shape is the future of health?

Markus Müschenich

What does sustainability really mean

Susan Holliday

Making a positive impact on the world

Iñaki Ereño

From the alphabet of life to the grammar of health and disease

Thomas D. Szucs

What to do about telehealth?

Ateev Mehrotra

A winning culture is a culture of winning

Nick Astwick

From Advanced Genetics to Aducanumab…

Sarah K. Emond

Using value-based payments to create a sustainable health system

Harold D. Miller

The Road Out of Perdition

Rachel David

Chris Watney

Shirley Collie

Denise Bradley

Jade Buchanan and Dana Siddle

Meg Guerin-Calvert & Michael Cropp

Panel Discussion

Frederic Barge

Elena Alikhachkina

Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network
Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network