VBHC Study Tour 2024

Barcelona, Spain
23–25 October 2024

Barcelona, Spain | 23 – 25 OCTOBER 2024

Following a successful inaugural VBHC Study Tour in 2023, which also marked the launch of our very active VBHC Member Network, we are delighted to share the dates and agenda for the next VBHC Study Tour in October this year.

With an agenda that focusses on practical take-aways, with plenty of interaction and discussion, of learning from eachother and with eachother, and topics chosen for their impact by our VBHC member network, the VBHC Study Tour is an unmissable opportunity to elevate your VBHC knowledge and skill.

Our agenda will be split in two parts, to allow maximum flexibility and maximum value.

Part 1
Part 1 is the VBHC Green Belt, which will be delivered virtually this year, by The Decision Institute. This intense study runs over 4 weeks, with each weekly session 3 hours long. The final session also includes an exam through which you will obtain your VBHC Green Belt Certificate. Taking the VBHC Green Belt requires a fair amount of upfront case study reading. By attending the Green Belt virtually over the course of 4 weeks, the case study reading is more manageable, adding to the learning experience and impact.

The VBHC Green Belt gives a very thorough grounding into the core VBHC concepts and their practical application. We recommend taking the Green Belt as a way of establishing a common language and understanding around VBHC. iFHP’s VBHC Member Network was launched from a core group of iFHP members taking the GreenBelt in 2023. The GreenBelt has served as an accelerator in iFHP members’ VBHC practices.

The exact dates for the VBHC Green-Belt (virtual) are:
Part 1 – Wed 18th September (8am-11am)
Part 2 – Tuesday 24th September (8am-11am)
Part 3 – Tuesday 1st October (8am-11am)
Part 4 – Tuesday 8th October (8am – 11am

More detail on the VBHC Green Belt can be found here: 

Part 2
Part 2 is a 3-day in-person meeting with practical workshops around the most important VBHC topics as chosen by iFHP members.

Our in-person meeting will take place in Barcelona, where we have the opportunity to see some advanced VBHC practices deployed at scale. We have timed our meeting to allow anyone to also join the ICHOM conference taking place in Amsterdam, immediately prior to our Barcelona meeting.

Part 2 is very PRACTICAL. The three-day fully facilitated programme will offer delegates the opportunity to immerse themselves in deep discussions around payment models, incentive alignment and contracting, identifying and eliminating low value care, rollout and implementation of patient-centred outcome measures, preventive care and patient engagement. Our workshop facilitators are leading experts in their respective fields and have excellent experience leading collaborative learning sessions.

The Catalan region is a global frontrunner in VBHC implementation. We will also visit one of Barcelona’s leading hospitals to gain insight into how VBHC is being implemented at scale by hospital leaders in Catalonia.

£5495.00 for both the Green-Belt Certification and in-person Barcelona meeting, which covers all Green-Belt Certification fees, and in-person programme fees as well as accommodation (three nights’ accommodation covering Tuesday 22 October until check out on Friday 25 October), two dinners and all lunches.

£2800.00 for the virtual Green Belt Certification alone, which covers the four virtual sessions as well as the exam fees and certification.

£2695.00 for the in-person Barcelona meeting.

For more information on the VBHC Study Tour | email barbara@ifhp.com or click below to register.

Who Should Attend

  • · VBHC specialists
  • · Healthcare Purchasing Specialists
  • · Provider Network Managers
  • · Product owners
  • · Healthcare Policy Leaders

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