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Value Based Health Care Study Tour 2023 | 22-26 MAY 2023

Value-Based Health Care consistently features among the topics of most interest to iFHP members. Across the globe the pressures of changing demographics, the rise of complex conditions and advances in expensive therapies all create a pressing need for more understanding of the potential of VBHC.

iFHP’s inaugural VBHC Study Tour – developed in partnership with the VBHC Center Europe and based on material co-created by Michael Porter – provides members with a unique opportunity to study the latest thinking in VBHC while being exposed to award-winning practices from leading VBHC practitioners.

The five-day programme offers delegates the ability to earn a VBHC Green Belt Certificate from the prestigious Decision Institute in association with Harvard Business School, among others.


The programme commences on 22 May 2023 in Amsterdam with a two-day intensive VBHC learning experience delivered by Prof. Dr Fred van Eenennaam from VBHC Center Europe.

At the end of the two days, which include multiple Harvard Business School case discussions and contributions from inspirational keynote speakers about the newest insights and developments in VBHC, participants will be invited to sit the online VBHC exam to achieve the highly regarded VBHC Green Belt Certificate.

Still in Amsterdam, the group will then spend a day with international data-set experts ICHOM discussing implementation practices, looking at how to organisationally move towards a more outcomes-focused healthcare model.

Time will also be spent in discussions and workshops exploring new thinking about VBHC payment models. Take a look at the future pipeline of technologies and therapies being developed for VBHC.

Day five brings in the complex reality of cell and gene therapies and personalised medicine, and looks at how they can be incorporated into a VBHC framework. After lunch, there will be a facilitated debriefing and the official launch of iFHP’s VBHC Network.

What will we cover?

· VBHC Green Belt Certification
· Harvard Business School Cases
· VBHC Implementation Tools and Challenges
· Roles of Doctors, Patients and Other Stakeholders
· System Transformation
· Calculating accurate ROI on preventive programmes
· VBHC Payment Models
· Future Thinking

Who should attend?

Strategy and Innovation Leaders
• Provider Relations/Healthcare Partnerships Leaders
• Reimbursement and Claims Leaders
• Product Architects
• Risk Leaders
• Business Development/Transformation Leaders

For more information and to register, Click Here.