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Executive Study Tour to Israel, 20-23 November 2023

This four-day visit to Tel Aviv is designed to offer our members exclusive insights into Israel’s innovative approaches in achieving superior health outcomes.

Israel’s health system has long attracted global admiration due to its blend of unique funding models, cutting-edge digital technologies, and emphasis on research, prevention, and collaboration. During the study tour, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the strategic use of technology, pioneering research initiatives, and preventive care practices that have contributed to Israel’s remarkable success.

Highlights of the tour include meetings with top HMOs, visits to prominent health and insurance tech incubators/VCs, and first-hand experience of technology integration within primary and secondary care environments. Capping off our programme will be a session led by a leading Israeli cyber-security specialist that will shed light on the latest risks faced by the world’s healthcare and insurance providers.

While the final programme will be published in the coming weeks, we can now confirm the tour dates: Monday, 20 November, to Thursday, 23 November. The cost per participant is expected to be approximately £1,895 ($2,340 or €2,180), excluding flights. As we aim to offer an immersive experience, please note that this is a small tour with limited spaces available.

To express your interest in the study tour and stay updated on the latest developments, kindly register your interest below:

Oncology Study Tour | March 2024

Of all the reasons that customers purchase health insurance, the risk of cancer is very often the primary driver. And for most health funds around the world, cancer is the most significant claims line, if not for cost, then for its emotional significance.

iFHP’s first study tour of 2024 will take members to the heart of what is driving the latest cancer therapies. From the latest in cancer genomics to precision therapies, immunotherapies, epigenetics, prevention and early detection, the tour will bring you to the cross roads where future cancer science and real-world funding meet. Join us in March 2024 for what promises to be an unmissable journey into the future of cancer.

Click below to register your interest and stay updated on our March 2024 study tour.

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