Strategies for Managing Drugs Costs

November 2020
See the presentations given by UPMC and HC Insights on their strategies for managing drug costs

Facing an escalating cancer landscape marked by a burgeoning and ageing population, coupled with soaring treatment costs, private medical insurers (PMIs) in the UK are wrestling with the necessity for innovative strategies. The industry stands at a crossroads, contemplating both restrictive measures like limiting drug coverage and bold enabling strategies, such as negotiating Biosimilar ‘BNF-plus’ pricing markups. See the full presentations below given by HC Insights on the topic of Cost STrategies in Cancer Care.

Explore UPMC’s presentation on funding transformative therapies led by Chronis Manolis, SVP Pharmacy at UPMC Health Plan. The presentation addresses the challenges posed by the pharmaceutical industry’s unprecedented complexity, including transformative drug science, regulatory changes, and digital health impact. It delves into payor considerations for funding innovation, alternative payment models, and the evolving landscape of biosimilars. Discover actionable insights into the future of transformative therapies and strategies to ensure affordability, access, and transparency in healthcare.

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