Member exclusive
Skills based training

Our members have access to our training and development courses. Outside of the Executive Development Programme we offer specific skills-based training. Our Fraud, Abuse, Waste and Error Expert (FAWE) Panel members have attended a course delivered by the University of West London, to focus on the FAWE Skills Development.

A sold-out programme took 14 members from seven countries through a five-week course with live virtual classroom learning from a team of experts. Participants have the opportunity to develop their skills across the most critical areas of fraud detection and prevention within healthcare insurance and meet those around the world in similar roles.


Skills Development Course
11th October 2021

Following a sold-out programme in March 2021 we will offer to members another opportunity to enrol for this course. It will follow a similar format as the most recent training with a six-week study period. Participants should have two to three years’ experience working within fraud detection, claims or legal.

The programme averages 8 hours per week of private study combined with virtual tutorials

Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network
Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network