Season of Tech 2024

August 2024

Season of Tech | August 2024

Join us for the exclusive, member-only Season of Tech, iFHP’s online and free webinar series dedicated to exploring the latest technological advancements and their applications in the health insurance industry. The programme will feature two webinars each week throughout August.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Understanding Technology Advancements: Gain insights into the latest technological developments and their potential impact on the health insurance sector.
  • Real-World Use Cases: Learn from practical examples and success stories of technology implementation in health insurance, showcasing the benefits and outcomes achieved.
  • Privacy Concerns: Explore the privacy challenges associated with new technologies, including strategies to protect client data.
  • Innovative Solutions: Discover what early adopters are achieving with cutting-edge technology solutions.

We will release a detailed agenda soon. In the meantime, register now to secure your place in this programme.

Meet some of our speakers

Amit Patel
Dr Amit Patel | Ceo, peachy

August 5: 4:00 PM UK / 5:00 PM CEST/ 5:00 PM CAT/ 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET 

Claude and the AI Sorcerers: Weaving Wonders in Health Insurance 
Join Dr. Amit Patel, Founder of Peachy, on an enchanting journey with Claude and the AI sorcerers. Discover how neural networks, embeddings, and context windows are transforming health insurance by automating claims, personalising care, and guiding customers with seamless precision. Through stories and demos, witness how AI’s magic has the potential to make health insurance smarter, faster, more emotive, and delightfully efficient.

Amanda L Bury | CCO, Infermedica

August 7: 4:00 PM UK / 5:00 PM CEST/ 5:00 PM CAT/ 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET 

Is Responsible AI the Key to Overcoming Healthcare Barriers?
Amanda L. Bury, MS, is a seasoned commercial executive known for her adept navigation through complex health systems and her expertise in healthcare IT. As the Chief Commercial Officer of Infermedica, an AI-powered care navigation platform, Bury leverages over 15 years of experience in bridging the gap between health insurers and cutting-edge technology. A recognized leader in healthcare technology, Bury regularly shares her insights at industry conferences such as HIMSS and HLTH and was named by Becker as one of the 141 women in health IT to know 2024.

Matteo Berlucchi | CEo, Healthily

August 8: 8:00 AM UK / 9:00 AM CEST / 9:00 AM CAT / 7:00 PM NZST / 5:00 PM AEST 

Revolutionising Health Insurance with AI-driven Pathway Optimisation
Join Mateo Berlucchi, Healthily’s Chief Executive Officer as he discusses Healthily’s AI-driven pathway optimisation system. Navigating health insurance can be chaotic, with the rising costs of virtual GPs and call centers burdening insurers. While there is no silver bullet, Healthily’s AI-driven pathway optimisation introduces a transformative behaviour change, leveraging cutting-edge technology to drastically reduce costs and elevate the customer experience in a safe and appropriate way.

Dr Oliver Harrisson | Ceo, Koa Health 

August 20: 8:00 AM UK / 9:00 AM CEST / 9:00 AM CAT / 7:00 PM NZST / 5:00 PM AEST 

The Use of Machine Learning in the Prediction of Mental Health Crisis 
KOA Health’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Oliver Harrison, will discuss the use of Machine Learning in predicting mental health crises. Mental health crises continue to present a significant challenge to healthcare systems worldwide. With a consistent rise in demand for mental health services and increasingly limited resources, it is essential to find and leverage effective predictive methods.  In this session, Dr Oliver Harrison explores how predictive models offer the opportunity to enhance clinical decision-making and enable timely interventions geared toward prevention, thereby transitioning from the current reactive care paradigm to a proactive approach. 

Petra Florizoone
Petra Florizoone | Sales Director Quantum Computing, IBM

August 21: 4:00 PM UK / 5:00 PM CEST/ 5:00 PM CAT/ 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET 

Quantum Computing: Hype or Reality?
Join Petra Florizoone, IBM’s Director of Global Quantum Sales, as she explores the transformative potential of quantum computing. With extensive experience in developing pioneering quantum projects in collaboration with IBM Research, Petra expertly assesses quantum computing’s current status and future potential. In her presentation, “Quantum Computing: Hype or Reality?”, she highlights IBM’s advancements and practical applications across industries, from battery technology with Mercedes-Benz to drug discovery with pharmaceutical companies. Petra emphasises the importance of building a robust quantum ecosystem and addresses crucial security implications, urging organisations to embark on their quantum-safe journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from a leader at the forefront of quantum innovation.

Stephen Du | Technical Specialist, IBM

August 29: 8:00 AM UK / 9:00 AM CEST / 9:00 AM CAT / 7:00 PM NZST / 5:00 PM AEST 

Unlocking the Power of Federated Learning: Revolutionising AI with IBM 
Join Stephen Du, IBM’s Partner Technical Sales Specialist, as he takes us into the innovative world of federated learning. Federated learning is an advanced technology that allows for collaborative machine learning across multiple decentralized data sources while maintaining data privacy and security. Stephen will share insights on IBM’s pioneering role in developing and implementing federated learning systems, highlighting real-world applications and success stories. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how federated learning is revolutionizing industries by enabling smarter, more secure AI solutions.  

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