iFHP Season of Tech

Online Webinar Series| August 2023

iFHP’s inaugural Season of Tech is a member-only, free programme of online webinars on ML, AI, cloud solutions, tech and data.

We have asked AWS and IBM to lift the curtain on some of the complexity around machine learning and AI, and the effective deployment of tech and cloud solutions in the health insurance industry. They are joined by selected, exciting tech companies showcasing how technology is driving solutions in the health insurance space.

Who should join? CTO, CIO, CISO, Data & Insight Execs, Strategy Execs, Horizon Scanners, and others interested in ML, AI, cloud solutions, tech and data.

What will be covered:

  • – Demystification of AI: Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI technologies, dispel common misconceptions, and see the potential impact of ML/AI on the health insurance industry.
  • – Use Cases: Real-world examples and success stories of AI implementation in the health insurance sector, highlighting the benefits and outcomes achieved.
  • – Privacy Concerns: Explore the privacy challenges associated with AI adoption, including how to protect your clients’ privacy while training your ML/AI models.
  • – Ethics and Bias: Explore the ethical considerations and potential biases in AI algorithms, focusing on how to operationalise AI while respcting ethical aspects .
  • – Startups and Plug-and-Play Technology: See what early adopters are achieving

View the detailed agenda here : Season of Tech – detailed agenda

View the shorter overview agenda here: Season of Tech – brief agenda

iFHP’s Season of Tech will form the foundation for an in-person workshop later in the year, on ML/AI use cases and tech strategy more broadly.

To sign up for the sessions, please register below. Multiple people from each company can attend, but each individual person must register separately.  Reg

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