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Released 20 July 2022
iFHP and HCCI Release 2022 International Health Cost Comparison Report

iFHP produces a variety of reports for members. Some of these have resulted from collaborative working groups, such as Expert Panels or our trusted partnerships. These reports are shared with members and offer market intelligence and the chance to connect within the membership fraternity to benchmark.

In partnership with the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) in the United States, and iFHP member companies in multiple countries, iFHP has published the latest International Health Cost Comparison Report. The full report can be accessed here:

iFHP & HCCI 2022 International Health Cost Comparison Report

The expanded report compares the cost of a selection of inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments and prescribed drugs as reported by iFHP members in eleven countries in 2019.

Data in the report demonstrate that where you live continues to have an enormous influence on the cost of your healthcare. Several types of care may be up to ten times more expensive in some countries over others that are otherwise geographically, politically, and economically similar.

While healthcare in the United States is commonly thought to be among the most expensive in the world, this latest report suggests this may no longer be true for all health costs,” said Chris Watney, CEO of iFHP. “Although international comparisons need to be made carefully, it’s our hope that strategies employed to challenge the status quo on drug pricing and some outpatient procedures are starting to bring some median US costs in line with, or better than international benchmarks.”

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