iFHP Oncology Study Tour

Boston and New york, USA | 11 – 15 March 2024

Where future cancer science and real-world funding meet

Of all the reasons that customers purchase health insurance, the risk of cancer is very often the primary driver. And for most health funds around the world, cancer is the most significant claims line, if not by cost, then for its emotional significance.

Starting in Boston, MA, iFHP’s first study tour of 2024 will take members to the heart of the future developments in cancer therapies, exploring in detail what they mean to payers.

Delegates will learn about the latest innovations in:

  • Genomic research
  • Precision/personalised therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Epigenetics
  • AI-powered therapies and new service models
  • Prevention & early detection

We’ll explore the commercial aspects too. Participants will meet experts in novel payment models, including pricing and cost-effectiveness calculations developed specifically for oncology treatments. The study tour finishes in New York, NY where we will join a full day of panel discussions with oncology experts from academia, industry, payers and providers from all over the United States.

Designed for health insurance executives, CMOs, medical directors, cancer specialists, claims specialists, product managers, etc., the study tour keeps a clear-eyed focus on the impact of the development of the advanced oncology systems of the future on the payer. And there’s no greater way to connect with peers over how payers worldwide are meeting the challenges of the future of oncology. We look forward to seeing you there!


The tour includes sessions with/at:
• Prof. Gabrielle Rocque, Associate Professor Medicine – Hematology & Oncology, Birmingham University of Alabama
• Harold Miller, President & CEO, Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform
• Dr Tom Maniatis, Scientific Director & CEO New York Genome Center
• Sarah Emond, CEO, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review
• Dana Farber Cancer Institute

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