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Enabling Change for Leaders in Health Insurance

Our 4 July Executive Briefing introduces Anna Birney from the School of Systems Change who will lead a very special session on Systems Change and Agency as part of our Executive Briefing series. For 90 minutes, Anna will lead an interactive session on how to think more systemically.

Anna regularly brings together health leaders and practitioners to reimagine health systems to centre on resilience instead of disease, and we are delighted to have secured her for this practical, interactive, 90-minute taster session.

Please join us by registering here, and of course bring your team for maximum impact.

You will learn:
– what do we mean by Systems Change
– what might systemic practices look like in your organisation? How can you and your team embody them?
– what existing cultural challenges might stand in the way of Systems Thinking and Practice in your organisation? What lies underneath the surface that explains the patterns and structures created by existing incentives and underlying thinking?

Anna is superbly knowledgeable and very engaging. This is an unmissable session for anyone curious about how a systems change approach can help organisations move faster forward together.

Make sure you reserve your place at this Executive Briefing today. You’ll be inspired!
Tuesday 4 July 2023 | 09.00 UK | 09.00 CET | 09:00 SAST | 18.00 AEST | 20.00 NZDT