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Member Networks – A new Level of networking for ifhp members

Since 2020 we have been busy moving the Federation towards a new future, where iFHP is the platform for the world’s health insurance leaders to connect skills, talent, resources and ideas to improve the health of the communities we serve. We’re excited to be able to tell you about the next phase of our strategy, one that enables our members to benefit even more from being part of iFHP.

Introducing Member Networks

Back in 2015 the Federation established a series of expert panels across a range of topics. The panels have been successful in enabling iFHP to create opportunities for our members to collaborate and share experience and best practice. However, with a limited number of participants, they were only ever accessible by a small number of members.

Early in 2023 we revealed the next generation of the Expert Panel Series by launching Member Networks.

Member Networks essentially offer all iFHP members access to other members, their knowledge, experience and case studies – focused on a specific topic of interest. Networks are self-sustaining, so they are chaired by members with iFHP support, and meet virtually or in-person.

Where they differ to the panels is the depth of their focus on bringing like-minded members together across a range of mutual interests. And with no limit on the number of participants, that experience can be shared much more widely.

Today, we offer the following member networks:

· Mental Wellbeing Network
· Claims Integrity Network
· Medical Effectiveness/High Cost Drugs Network
· Digital Security Network
· Executive Leadership Network
· Data & Insights Network

New Member Networks

At our CEO Forum in April 2023, we launched our newest member network, focused on Sustainability.

Soon, we will launch several more including networks for First Nations/Indigenous Peoples’ Health, Customer Experience (CX) and Value-based Health Care. And there are plans for more networks in the future.

I’m already an Expert Panel member, what do I need to do?

The short answer is nothing. As you are already an expert panel member, you will simply transfer across to the corresponding member network. In fact some of our expert panels have already met as a network, for example the Mental Wellbeing Network, and the Claims Integrity Network (previously FAWE).

How can I learn more?

We’re very excited how the member networks will help you build your engagement with iFHP by facilitating greater distribution of knowledge and experience amongst members.

If you’re interested in joining a network, just send us an email at telling us which network you want to be part of and we will let you know what to do.

For more information please visit our Member Networks page