Medical Effectiveness and High-cost Drugs

Led by Anar Dossa, Director of Pharmacy Services at Pacific Blue Cross in Canada, and Jenni Noble, Head of Oncology at Medscheme in South Africa, this iFHP Member Network tackles the evolving landscape of healthcare provision and costs, and focusses on the role of health insurance in shaping a sustainable way forward towards accessible, equitable and affordable healthcare. Topics such as care settings, effective deployment of digital technology, health technology assessment, personalised therapies, high-cost drugs, improved medical outcomes, reimbursement models, benchmarking around drug pricing and care provision, … make this one of the core networks at iFHP. Network members include CEOs, CMOs, Heads of Provider Networks, Directors of Pharmacy, Heads of Strategy amongst others. We welcome anyone with an interest in medical effectiveness and affordable care to be a part of this vibrant iFHP Member Network.

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