Insight Actuaries and Consultants, Barry Childs
In the first iFHP Executive Briefing of 2024, Dr Rachel David, CEO of Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) presented ‘Understanding Variation in Healthcare: Using Data to Identify and Address Low Value Care’, offering members insight into the work being done in Australia to identify and target unwarranted variation and low value care.

Barry Childs started his consulting practice in 2007 after his formative years at Discovery Health and co-founded Insight Actuaries & Consultants in 2014, growing Insight to be the largest healthcare actuarial consultancy in the country, expanding into new fields of practice locally and abroad during the 2020’s. He is passionate about healthcare and wellness; and provides advice to a wide range of public and private healthcare role players on matters including strategy, analytics, and policy. Barry has chaired the healthcare committee of the Actuarial Society of South Africa and led the ASSA COVID-19 working group for its first two years. He received the ASSA presidential award for his contribution to the profession in 2021.

Insight Actuaries & Consultants are a specialised healthcare and life insurance consultancy with over 20 years’ experience. Their team of hand-picked consultants provide independent data management, actuarial and clinical consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients in the health and life insurance sectors, across 30 countries. Their diverse and broad experience across many territories provides them with deep understanding of the local dynamics within several countries.

Watch the recording of the executive briefing below
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