iFHP – The Opportunity for Artificial Intelligence in Health Insurance
Discover the Potential for AI in Health Insurance

We are pleased to announce the release of iFHP’s latest white paper, exploring the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the health insurance industry.

Unravelling the AI Opportunity in Health Insurance

International Federation of Health Plans (iFHP) has engaged with its global membership to understand the impact of AI in health insurance. Our white paper summarises these discussions and addresses the question: What is the Opportunity for AI in Health Insurance?

Transforming health outcomes through AI

AI is already reshaping the health insurance landscape, with AI-powered service channels enhancing customer interactions and AI-driven analytics aiding insurers in pricing and risk decisions. But as the technology matures, what are the applications of AI that will not only transform health insurance, but lead to greatly improved health and wellness outcomes for insured populations?

Our paper identifies three core categories of AI applications being pursued by health insurers around the world. It also discusses the critical considerations for successful AI adoption, as experienced in real-world AI projects.

Unlocking the Future: AI Adoption Maturity Framework

Finally, the paper proposes an AI Adoption Maturity Framework, a roadmap for AI development in the health insurance sector. This framework categorises AI use cases based on value and readiness, guiding insurers from cost-saving applications to health and wellness transformation.

Embrace the AI Advantage

AI offers a plethora of benefits for health insurance companies, including cost savings, operational efficiency, and improved customer experiences. Discover the potential of AI and explore a more efficient and personalised healthcare landscape.

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