New podcast series – celebrating the Changemakers in our industry

System Change: Enabling Change for Leaders in Health
Anna Birney – Chief Enabling Officer

In the first episode of our new podcast series on Changemakers, we sit down with Anna Birney, chief enabling officer at the School of System Change. Having collaborated with Anna earlier this year, we delved deeper into her vast experience of over two decades in the field of Systems Change.

Anna’s journey highlights the pressing need to focus on ‘how’ we implement change rather than just ‘what’ needs to change. Tune in to discover how we can reimagine health systems to centre on resilience not disease, the power of systems thinking and the opportunity to create change in healthcare that benefits everyone, but most importantly the individual.

This is a conversation filled with inspiring stories, practical tools, and a glimpse into a world where change is driven by a systemic approach. Don’t miss out!

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