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Future of Cancer Care – Oncology Study Tour, March 2024 

There aren’t many claim lines that attract more attention than cancer care. And it’s for good reason: the price tag for treating cancer is set to rise exponentially over the next decade as advances in medical technology, aging populations, changing demographics and the increasing incidence of cancer cases all contribute to a substantial increase in the future cost of cancer care. 

iFHP’s first study tour of 2024 tackles the issue head-on, taking members to the heart of what is driving the latest cancer therapies. From the latest in cancer genomics to precision therapies, immunotherapies, epigenetics, prevention and early detection, the tour will bring you to the cross roads where future cancer science and real-world funding meet. 

Our tour – to be held 11-15 March 2024 – will visit the key players in the development of future cancer therapies on the East Coast of the US, giving members direct access to some of the leading lights in cancer therapy development, as well as spending time with peers from around the world, all united by the same need to understand how this critical cost exposure for funds is going to grow. 

The Study Tour will be open for registrations shortly. In the meantime, if you would like to be amongst the first to receive information on the study tour, email Barbara Vanneuville and she will make sure you are pre-registered today.