Specialist forums
critical issues

These specialist subject matter forums are focused on critical issues for members, the networks produce tangible outputs and recommendations that are shared within our community. Each Member Network has a remit to examine the issues payers are facing across such areas as Claims Integrity, Digital Security, Mental Health, Medical Effectiveness and the challenges around the high cost of drugs.

Our Member Networks meet virtually and usually once a year in person to discuss and workshop in depth over the course of a few days. Our Member Networks are open to all members and demonstrate collaboration and shared learnings between different individuals and members.

Member Networks are chaired by senior leaders from iFHP member funds and foster both an environment for sharing and seeking views from industry experts.

Promoting our members training and professional development, this Panel will be focused on the needs for members and how iFHP can facilitate this across our talent programme.

Using our wide membership coverage we intend to use this Panel group to explore trends within various types of data sets and produce real world insights based on our 200 million lives we cover globally.

Exploring the methods to mitigate the risk across systems, teams and platforms for CIO’s and IT specialists.

How to effectively treat and measure mental health in the insured population and promote mental wellness for improved health outcomes.

How to identify, reduce and analyse all types of payment inefficiencies from intentional fraud to waste.

Reviewing treatment pathways, effectiveness, outcomes and therapeutics.

Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network
Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network