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An intensive study programme designed specifically for health plan senior leaders to broaden their understanding of the world’s health systems and payer strategies. The programme provides a unique opportunity to forge relationships with colleagues and experts from all over the world. This year the event will be facilitated virtually in the first half of the year, with the concluding segment hosted at member companies.

For 2022 we hosted a programme for members which was part virtual in Q2 2022 and then will bring the group together for physical meetings in Europe and the East Coast of the USA in Q4 2022.

Between May and June 2022, the programme was facilitated online, taking in the New Zealand, Australian, Middle Eastern and South African markets. Starting with virtual visits, a range of regions can be “visited” in an efficient and risk-free way.

In October 2022 the programme will recommence with hosted in-person visits to three European members. Leaving Europe, the group will then cross the Atlantic to Washington DC, the centre of American health policy making. While in Washington, the cohort will visit Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Total Health, as well as an exciting selection of political and non-political groups at the centre of US health policy making. These will include Harvard Medical School, the Institute for Clinical & Economic Review, and FTI Consulting’s Center for Healthcare Economics & Policy.

The week in the USA will conclude with a visit to UPMC, one of America’s leading integrated non-profit health enterprises and head quartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh itself has long been a centre for health innovation and new thinking, and delegates will be able to meet with local disruptors and other innovators in the health space.

In 2023 the EDP will be fully in-person, with two weeks spent in Australia, New Zealand and USA, with a further two weeks spent in Europe later in the year. Nominations for those wishing to enroll in this course are now open.

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In 2023 our Executive Development Programme will revert to a fully physical programme bringing together aspiring leaders from our members to learn about various healthcare systems and issues around the world.This long running programme counts several current iFHP CEO’s amongst the alumni of past cohorts.

The first segment of the course has a two week in person duration. We plan to take the group to Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. After regular virtual interactions we then re-convene the group in Q4 to visit iFHP member funds in Europe. This is also a two week duration.

Those enrolled on the programme learn valuable global industry knowledge, but additionally form strong connections with peers across the world. Where we see common issues, but also common solutions globally, this is an invaluable network.

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Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network