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During 2021 we conducted regular CEO briefings online with leading experts and thought leaders from around the world. Bringing together our membership with eminent thinkers from organisations such as Microsoft, Harvard Medical School and WHO brings both knowledge and debate across strategic areas that every CEO is grappling with.

As our members are sited in multiple time zones recordings of the past Executive Webinars can be found in our members area. Click here to access the private iFHP members area to view past content and videos.

3rd February 2022 What is the Value on Investment (VOI) for Health and Wellbeing Programs?

As every study indicates, the state of our global health and wellbeing has taken a big hit over the last couple of years. In Covid’s wake came decreasing levels of mental health and worrying trends of increases in multi-morbidity.

As these trends continue to grow, the focus of our industry has been on effective screening, early intervention, and the introduction of evidence-based initiatives to prevent and better manage communicable and non-communicable diseases. But do our models work, and how do you go about measuring their ROI and VOI especially over the short and medium terms?

Join us, to unravel these questions, on February 3rd, 2022, for an Executive Briefing with Ron Goetzel from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (USA). Ron is an internationally recognised expert and thought leader in the field of health and wellbeing, measurement and evaluation, VOI, and ROI, with decades of research and expertise behind his name.

Ron will be joined by, Chris Tomkins Head of Wellbeing Propositions at AXA Health, who will discuss the findings of their mind health study, published only days before and provide the most current insight data into the latest state of our populations’ wellbeing.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first Executive Briefing of 2022 on this topic which will be of interest to those across many disciplines. Come to the session with your questions and your experiences – be part of the debate. It promises to be a very stimulating and thought-provoking event.

The times of the session is noted below and is for a duration of 90 minutes. We are aware that the time for Europe and Africa is outside of working hours and therefore the session will be recorded for those that cannot join live. For any questions please contact

When: 3rd & 4th February 2022 (dependant on your time zone)
3rd February: 13.00 PCT |16.00 EST |21.00 UK | 22:00 CET + 1 day 4th February 08:00 AEDT | 10:00 NZDT

Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network
Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network