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We conduct monthly briefings online with leading experts and thought leaders from around the world. Bringing together our membership with eminent thinkers from organisations such as Microsoft, Harvard Medical School and from across our membership network bring both knowledge and debate across strategic areas that every leader is grappling with.

These briefings are free to attend for all our members, and welcome anyone in your business to sign up, listen in and be a part of the conversations.

As our members are sited in multiple time zones recordings of the past Executive Webinars can be found in our members area. Click here to access the private iFHP members area to view past content and videos.

Transparency in Private Healthcare: Boosting Quality and Value with Data

Session 1: Thursday 4 July, 8am (UK time)
Session 2: Tuesday 9 July, 4pm (UK time)

Featuring: Greg Swarbrick from the Private Healthcare Information Network

Don’t miss iFHP’s next Executive Briefing: “The Age of Transparency: How Data is Increasing Quality & Value in Private Healthcare” presented by Greg Swarbrick of the Private Healthcare Information Network.

Greg will explore how mandated data sharing is transforming the UK healthcare landscape, improving patient outcomes and encouraging provider competition. Learn about the latest strategies and innovations driving these changes. Register now for an in-depth look at how transparency is shaping the future of healthcare.

Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network
Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network