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The Right to Be Forgotten – current status and perspectives

Thursday 22 February | 45 mins + Q&A
08.00 UK | 09.00 CET | 10.00 SAST | 12.00 UAE I 18.00 AEST | 21:00 NZ

iFHP has invited Mathias Orban, Medical Consultant at Munich Re, to deliver a webinar on “The Right To Be Forgotten”. With Right to be Forgotten (RTBF) regulations being in place in several European countries, and policy debates around RTBF also occurring elsewhere in the world, there is a pressing need to understand whether RTBF could lead to long-term changes in portfolio mix and best estimates. In Europe, the scope of RTBF is widening by reducing time frames, extending product ranges (health insurance) and including other diseases than cancer in the regulatory framework.

Dr Mathias Orban will explain the impact a RTBF could have when one or more of these three levers are pulled. He will present the range of the number of persons affected by RTBF in Europe, and which factors could influence the impact of RTBF. Munich Re has modelled the market impact of a RTBF regardless of timeframe, breadth of disease and product range. In this webinar, Dr Orban will present concrete scenarios for different constellations of the decisive factors.
From this presentation, iFHP members will learn how the impact of a RTBF can vary depending on the scope of the agreement and which factors, both insurance- and medical-wise, contribute to this impact.
A must-hear webinar for risk officers, actuaries and leaders in product design, as well as in general, business leaders in Europe and select other countries where RTBF is starting to move into the public debate around new policy proposals.

Mathias Orban:
Dr. Mathias Orban is a Medical Consultant at Munich RE. He is board-certified in Cardiology and Internal Medicine as well as Intensive Care.
He graduated from Ludwig-Maximilans University, with prior study visits at Technische Universität München, Stanford University and Oxford University. Dr. Orban received his venia legendi from the Ludwig-Maximilans University in 2019, where he is giving lectures at the faculty of medicine. He has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of molecular medicine and cardiology.
Mathias Orban is a renowned expert on the topic of the right to be forgotten in the insurance industry, and has helped Munich Re model the market impact of a right to be forgotten for the insurance industry.

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