Hypertension Control: a Vital Business Investment, FTI

FTI’s Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy was selected by the National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Foundation) to develop resources to make it easier for business to diagnose and manage the cost and impact that hypertension has on workforce health and business risks.

In this executive briefing, Kyi-Sin Than (Director) demonstrates their new customizable tools – the Hypertension Budget Impact Model (BIM) and Hypertension Claims Analysis Guide (CAG) – developed by FTI’s Center to estimate medical cost and productivity impact of hypertension in the workforce, a hidden business risk for employers across all regions and industries.

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Tested with major employers in the USA in collaboration with the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, they serve as an essential resource for employers to identify these risks in their own workforce and act to reduce them. Funders can use the BIM and CAG to inform discussions and increase engagement with major customers. These adaptable methods offer a transformative opportunity for funders to create value for their clients by providing forecasting and actionable data to move the needle on a highly prevalent disease, and a driver of higher acute disease such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

Watch the session as Kyi-Than demonstrates how to use the tools and how they can be applied to encourage earlier diagnosis and support prevention programmes and value-based insurance design that drive down costs to funders in the long term. Meg Guerin-Calvert join’s Kyi-Sin Than to provide further insights on how these approaches are adapted by funders and employers across various sectors and regions.

Kyi-Sin Than is a Director at the Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy, FTI Consulting Inc. She has over 10 years of experience conducting economic analyses to quantify the cost of illnesses from the perspective of health insurance providers and governments. Her experience includes real-world data analysis using health insurance claims and registry data, economic modeling (cost-effectiveness analyses, budget impact models), preference surveys, and mixed methods program evaluation. Ms. Than experience includes conducting extensive evaluations of value-based payment models on healthcare utilization, expenditures, and quality of care across healthcare settings.

Please reach out kyi-sin.than@fticonsulting.com is you have any questions about the model – she will be able to speak with you.

Watch the recording of the executive briefing below
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