2 – 6 october 2022

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Vancouver Presentations

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Monday 3rd October
Opening Address

Bernard Lord

Towards health system sustainability

Des Gorman

The Ian McPherson lecture was eloquently delivered by Professor Des Gorman. The presentation discusses the three factors that dominate modern debates about health systems: Equity, Value and Sustainability.

Escaping the healthcare matrix

Tom Latkovic

Tom Latkovic from Mckinsey Health Institute presented on conceptualising a modern ideal of health. Tom has a vision to optimise health for all by developing more holistic measurements of health, by promoting prevention and to empower individuals to steward their own health.

Lessons From a Pandemic – How COVID-19 Will Shape Healthcare for a Decade

André Picard

André Picard presents the lessons learned from the pandemic. He talks on how the pandemic highlighted a world full of inequalities and the fragility of healthcare infrastructure.

An Interview with Chris Watney CEO, iFHP

Greg Adams

An interview with Greg Adams; leader of Kaiser Permanente. Adams discusses his focus on growing the organisation, improving access, pushing for better health outcomes and on improving sustainability.

BC First Nations Health Authority The Journey

Richard Jock

Richard Jock; the CEO of the First Nations Health Authority provided an insight into the organisation that strives to improve First Nations health outcomes in the diverse area of BC, Canada. Their vision is to empower healthy, self-determining and vibrant First Nations children, families and communities in BC. Richard Jock discusses the organisations vision and their 5 year plan.

Our journey to provide culturally safe service

Leza Muir

Leza Muir from Pacific Blue Cross discusses the organisations journey to signing a declaration of commitment to apply cultural safety and humility while working alongside First Nation peoples.

Organizing Remote Healthcare and Tailored Homes for an Exploding Population of Seniors

Jeroen Kemperman

Jeroen Kemperman from Achmea presented on the current and projected challenges healthcare systems face; especially in terms of the aging population. Kemperman discusses business models for remote healthcare and healthy living; with a strategy to improve health for all.

What shape is the future of health?

Markus Müschenich

What Shape is the Future of Healthcare? Markus Müschenich provided a thought- provoking presentation on the role of technology in future healthcare systems; such as with the development of AI robots and the Metaverse.

Tuesday 4th October
What does sustainability really mean

Susan Holliday

What does sustainability really mean and how do we apply these principles in differing healthcare settings? Susan Holliday’s presentation evaluates the definition of sustainability and the importance of context.

The path to sustainable growth

Dave Capper

David Capper discusses the overarching theme of the conference; sustainability. He discusses the topic in context with his organisation (Westfield Health).

Making a positive impact on the world

Iñaki Ereño

If the health sector was a country, it would be the fifth largest polluter on Earth. Iñaki Ereño; the CEO of Bupa has confronted this reality and has made an ambitious aim to become radically more sustainable; not just environmentally but socially and economically. His presentation discusses the companies’ ambitions and the link between the environment and overall health.

From the alphabet of life to the grammar of health and disease

Thomas D. Szucs

Genome sequencing is being integrated into health care systems internationally. Professor Thomas Szucs believes Genomic testing through sequencing machines will become a commodity within 10-15 years. His presentation discusses the potential of genomic testing to optimise health care and to better define health and disease.

What to do about telehealth?

Ateev Mehrotra

Professor Mehrotra provides an important discussion on the use of telehealth; especially after its surge in 2020. He discusses some interesting findings on the use of telehealth post-pandemic and the current debates surrounding its practical use within healthcare settings.

A winning culture is a culture of winning

Nick Astwick

Nick Astwick from Southern Cross New Zealand shares some of his insights into the role of a CEO in health insurance. He discusses the importance of the right strategy, right culture and the right people for the success of an organisation.

From Advanced Genetics to Aducanumab…

Sarah K. Emond

ICERS leader of strategic operations; Sarah Emond presents on the topic of prescription drug pricing policy, comparative effectiveness research, and value-based health care.

Using value-based payments to create a sustainable health system

Harold D. Miller

Harold Miller; President and CEO Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform presents on the topic of Value-Based Healthcare and Sustainability. Miller provides an important discussion on how Value-Based Healthcare can be practically implemented in practice.

The road Out of Perdition

Rachel David

The road out of perdition: the journey to save e500 extracted from Australia by big medtech.

Wednesday 5th October
Looking forward as a federation

Chris Watney

The CEO of IFHP; Christopher Watney presents Looking Forward as a Federation. Watney provides an overview of the federations vision to be the platform where the world’s health insurance leaders connect skills, talent, resources and ideas to improve the health of the communities we serve.

Of most interest to the federation’s members, Watney makes the following announcements

  •  IFHP produces original research – Don’t forget to read our original white paper research report on Unraveling Value-Based Health care by Denisa Widyaputri
  • Talent Growth – Join our Executive Development Programme in 2023
  • VBHC study tour 2023 – Intensive Five Day Programme – 22-26 May 2023
  • CX innovation week 20-24 March 2023
Lifting the Lid: Insights from Discover Health analaysis

Shirley Collie

The chief health analytics actuary at Discovery Health; Shirley Collie presents “Lifting the Lid: Insights from Discover Health analaysis”.

Investing in Social Entrepreneurs to Bring Economic and Health Equity to Our Communities

Denise Bradley

Denise Bradley presents a moving talk on her late husbands- Bernard Tysons impressive legacy of improving health equity and breaking down economic and social barriers. His legacy lives on through his Impact Fund; of which has provided more than $13M in funding to 50 community based enterprises addressing the social determinants of health in San Francisco/Oakland, Atlanta, Chicago, Michigan, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington D.C.

Cybercrime: Risk and Preparedness

Jade Buchanan and Dana Siddle

Are you prepared for your organisation to be targeted by Hackers? Jade Buchanan and Dana Siddle talk about the almost certainty of being targeted and what your organisation can do about it.

Health Disparities and Quality – Perspectives From a Pandemic

Meg Guerin-Calvert & Michael Cropp

Michael Cropp and Meg Guerin-Calvert co-present on the important topic of Health Disparities and Quality – Perspectives From a Pandemic. Cropp and Guerin-Calvert created multi-sector collaborations to analyse and assess health access and costs. They discuss the opportunity to reframe the narrative – a new opportunity to prioritise what health data matters in order to better address health issues.

Take-aways and Talking Points: Reviewing the Big Themes That are Resonating with Health Funds Around the World

Panel Discussion

The takeaways and talking points. We hear from our panel on reviewing the big themes that are resonating with health funds around the world.

Reward Value

Frederic Barge

Frederick Barge provides a discussion on the topic of executive remuneration and sustainability. Barge presents his interesting research findings and five steps to modernise remuneration.

Driving the Digital Health Revolution

Elena Alikhachkina

Elena Alikhachkina; Global Head of Digital CE & Insights at Roche presents on the topic of Driving the Digital Health Revolution. Alikhachkina provides a discussion on using data and insights as a fuel to drive the digital health revolution.

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