Johannesburg 23rd – 25th May

BIG Ideas Week 2022 is coming to Africa!

BIG Ideas Week Workshop Africa is your opportunity to learn from innovation experts and other iFHP members in a three-day workshop designed especially for our members in Africa only.

The programme will commence with a one-day innovation seminar hosted by regional and international experts, focused on the challenges and opportunities that are available to African health funds.

Over the ensuing two days you will have the opportunity to shape and test new business ideas with our expert moderators who will guide you from idea stage, through to proof of concept and potential implementation in the business.

The focus of the event is on team work, and you will work with teams as you bring your ideas to life. However, the programme is also designed to allow for sharing and collaboration with other health funds – creating the possibility for new connections and collaborations.

At BIG Ideas Week Africa you will:

  • Hear exciting case studies from experts, covering their successes and learning from their challenges in innovation
  • Receive guidance from InsurTech leaders: Tunde Salako from Insurtech Lab, & Matt Connolly from Sønr
  • Meet African start-ups that can assist in the delivery of your ideas
  • Meet those that are experts in disruption or innovation thinking including Adelaide Odhaimbo (CEO of Bluewave Kenya) and Frederik Bisbjerg, published author, MBA lecturer and with Daman National Insurance Company as Head of Innovation
  • Access bespoke coaching in innovation thinking for the African health insurance market
  • Develop ideas that are validated internally and externally prior to implementation

Click here to see the full agenda over the three days

Monday 23rd May
BIG Ideas Conference

On the first day listen, learn and debate with our speakers from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East to gain a truly insightful vision of the current trends and the direction of innovation and disruption.

Tuesday 24th May
BIG Ideas Workshop

Utilising the knowledge of our experts, start-ups, and importantly each other we will spend the morning looking at how we currently design and think about change. Learn and explore methods to optimise valuable opportunities.

The afternoon will tackle a problem devised by each team to review and suggest solutions to solve a current or emerging problem.

Wednesday 25th May
BIG Ideas in Action

After a guest speaker opens the day our groups will finalise their thinking of new ideas to present to the audience. Our judges will award winners across categories. To conclude, and perhaps most importantly we will discuss how best to deploy these ideas in the business to mitigate risks and achieve successful results from these three days.

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Obinnia Abajue
CEO, Hygeia HMO (Nigeria)

BIG Ideas Week Africa gives us all the opportunity to pursue goals of innovation whatever form that takes. This meeting brings together all iFHP members (and would-be members) in Africa to hear more about the future of healthcare, and create that future for ourselves, through networking and workshop sessions, learning, debate and collaboration. I am excited to open the event on the 23rd May and I look forward to seeing you there.

Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network
Join us for exclusive content and access to our growing network