The Right to be Forgotten: Current Status and Perspectives, Mathias Orban

In the second iFHP executive briefing of 2024, Dr Mathias Orban, Medical Consultant at Munich Re, presented ‘The Right To Be Forgotten: Current Status and Perspectives’, offering members insight into this important change to the regulatory landscape and its impact on insurance and underwriting.

It is widely expected that the Right To Be Forgotten will soon become a regulatory requirement for health insurance in Europe, with other nations around the world set to follow soon after.

Dr Orban will presented on how other insurance industries where RTBF already applies have responded to regulation, allowing us to explore possible solutions and ways to prepare. Orban has been closely involved with the development of Munich Re’s set of RTBF solutions, and is uniquely placed to discuss the extent of the impact to business-as-usual.

About Dr Mathias Orban
Dr Orban is a Medical Consultant at Munich RE. He is board-certified in Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Intensive Care. He graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, with prior study visits to Stanford University and Oxford University

Watch the recording of the executive briefing below
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