Big Ideas Week, West Africa | Presentations

Thank you to everyone who attended the BIG Ideas West Africa meeting in Lagos last week. Your presence greatly contributed to the success of the day, which focused on exploring innovative ideas in health insurance, partnerships, and business transformation. We were privileged to have speakers such as Jessica Chivinge, Niti Pall, Tunde Salako, Victor Mupunga, Dr. Ebi Ofrey, and Melanie Okuneye, who shared valuable insights and challenged existing perspectives. The event facilitated meaningful discussions, workshop sessions, and the exchange of ideas, all aimed at fostering substantial change in the healthcare and insurance sectors. As a gesture of appreciation, we are pleased to share the presentation slides from the event, encapsulating the knowledge and insights shared. Thank you once again for your participation, and we look forward to continuing the conversation on transformative ideas in the future.

Presentation Slides